Sir Winston Churchill's Wine List

Keller Estate Wines Sonoma California

Features Drinks and Cocktails

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee, is prepared for you and your table with Jameson Irish Whiskey and whipped cream.

Primm's No 1

Pimm's No 1, is an English liquor made from dry Gin, fruit juice and spices. It was created by Mr. James Pimm owner of an Oyster Bar in 1859. The original recipe it's kept in secret, only 6 people know how to make it.

English Beers

International Beers: English Beers: Wells Bombardier and St Peter´s Cream Stout, Belgium Beers: Stella Artrois, Irish Beer: Guinness, Holland: Heineken.

Tequila Casa Dragones Jóven

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Sherry V.O.R.S González Byass

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Single Malt Whiskies